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We Have Some of the Brightest Bulbs in the Bunch!

Fred "Who" (Egelhoff) Scott Wieclaw Bob Wright Kathy Frank  
Principal Principal Vice President Controller  
Co-Founder March, 1997 August, 1995 April, 2008  
Not Pictured  
Angie Smith Aaron Peach Melissa Patridge Raquel Speakman  
Sales Executive Sales Executive Sales Support & Purchasing Sales Support  
September, 2005 April, 2006 October, 2001 September, 2011  
Not Pictured Not Pictured
Christine Stewart Misty Thomas Andi Sadler Jill Breakey Benny Shoults
Client Relations Manager Client Relations Receptionist Graphic Artist Special Projects Coordinator
January, 1994 August, 2011 July, 2011 May, 1988 June, 1984
Not Pictured  
Adam Thornburgh Scott Belville Seth Miller Jana Ross  
Engraving Manager Engraver Engraver Engraver  
January, 2001 July, 2002 June, 2010 July, 2012  
Not Pictured      
Erik Wright Chris Cranston      
Shipping Manager Shipping Associate      
May, 1997 February, 2012      
  Larry Dill
  Vice President
  Co-Founder (Retired)
    We attribute our success to many factors...our clients' loyalty, innovative solutions, and hard work just to name a few.  The key element in our success are the employees that commit their thoughts, skills, and devotion each and everyday.  We're proud to dedicate this page to highlight each member of our staff.