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The ELK Story...

     Larry Dill was co-founder of ELK Promotions, Inc.  After more than 30 years of dedication, he decided to retire from ELK in Spring of 2006.  Larry held the position of Vise President throughout his entire profession with ELK.  Aside from his daily devotion to his career, his finest quality was interacting with everyone on a level that allowed them to prosper.

       On average, we see Larry about once a week.  He still brings the same friendly ways about him that makes us feel that he never left.  We are delighted he still comes to see us because it isn't ELK without him...that's why he's still a part of Our People.  This page is undoubtedly Larry's least favorite of the entire site; but sorry Larry...that's just the way it is.  Thanks for the opportunities you provided to all of us, we'll take care of your pad!